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Our COVID-19 Response

Sunrise2Sunrise Community Care is dedicated to safeguarding the health of Participants that use our services and the Support Workers, Support Coordinators, Cleaners and Gardeners carrying out these supports. At this trying time, Sunrise2Sunrise has implemented a COVID- 19 Response Plan to ensure the health and safety of Participants and Staff.

Sunrise2Sunrise COVID-19 Response Plan is informed by Victoria’s DHHS guidelines, Australian Government Department of Health guidelines, Worksafe Victoria’s policy and NDIS advice.

Our Processes in COVID-19 Response Plan for Support Workers/Management/other services are:

  1. If a Support Worker believes or becomes aware that they have come into contact with anyone who is a positive case or a contact of a positive case of COVID-19, they are required to inform the Sunrise2Sunrise Covid response team immediately on 0459925875 or 03 91883499 during business hours.
  2. The Support Worker will be required to take a COVID-19 test and will not be able to attend shifts until a negative result is returned. If the result is positive they will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and take another test and get medical clearance before resuming shifts.
  3. Sunrise2Sunrise Covid response team will check in with the Support Worker regularly and offer additional contactless assistance (e.g. information packs, grocery runs, EAP assistance, connection to employee support services).

Our Response Plan for Participants and their family are:

  1. If a Participant, family member/ carer or anyone else within the Participant’s household believes or becomes aware that they have come into contact with anyone who is a positive case or a contact of a positive case of Covid 19, we ask that they inform Sunrise2sunrise Covid response team at the office as soon as possible on 0459925875 or 03 91883499 during business hours
  2. Management will contact the Participant to discuss contactless supports including; information packs, providing essential groceries, use of Zoom, and connection to contactless support services.
  3. Sunrise2Sunrise Management will check in with Participants regularly to check on their wellbeing.

At the office we have put in place:

  1. We encourage that you avoid visiting the office unless your query cannot be resolved via the telephone.
  2. Visitors and Participants are checked in to track who is coming into the office and potential contact with others. Temperatures are taken and automatic hand sanitiser is provided.
  3. Stocks of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for Support Workers and Participants to collect. This includes gloves, masks and sanitiser. Information sheets are also available in the office. All management will be wearing face masks at this time.
  4. We ask that Participants and the community limit coming in the office for a chat or unless necessary. While we value the time to sit down and have a chat with anyone that comes in to learn how we can assist them better, at the moment it is against the law to have more than 1 person per 4 square meters and increases the risk of infection in and out of the office.
  5. All essential meetings are held over Zoom limiting the amount of people in the office.
  6. Staff members who are not essential to be in the office are asked to work from home. Staff working from home receive all equipment necessary so they can continue to provide the high quality expected of their work.
  7. Information has been made available for all Support Workers so they can best understand the new laws and their requirements.
  8. Management are continuing to monitor events and taking extra training to best respond to COVID-19.